In transit – but no, being here

Well, this is posted three days after the first post. Hmmm, I wonder if this will be indicative of this blog.

In any case, we are on the move. At the moment, we are sitting in Helsinki airport with this rather interesting fellow representing an Art Gallery, apparently. He seems in competition with the Moomins everywhere.

WIN_20140728_124659 (2)

Perhaps this is a gentle introduction to the combination of magical and mundane, imaginative and practical that awaits the next weeks. Not surprising to those who know me, the cartoon-like features of this gentleman appeal greatly to me.Then again, she (for gender is insubstantial in some senses) may be a new take on the ‘big ears’ of NVC.

To persist in this non-human mode, let me introduce the other being constituting the above mentioned ‘we’. No, it is not Mr JN Blair but a small and rather radiant lagemorph know as Jents (pronounced ‘yents’), who does have a certain habit of nibbling the ears of the aforesaid Blair. I first met Jents in transit during an earlier voyage a la Chine – in Vancouver when wandering about with my beloved elder sister, the Pos(s)sssssss. Pos(s) (just two esses for simplicity, here) was standing by a rack of animal puppets and Jents just jumped on her hand! As rabbits do in our family. He spent some months with the Pos(s) until she decided he should come live at Babaloka. So now he happily perches atop the eponymous Baba’s head at times and generally keeps things light. Here he is, in Paris this spring (you’ll notice La Tour in the background).


Enough for now. To meditate and read some more about Master Zhiyi.

— some time later after a sometime sleepy meditation yet open

Jents continues to keep the energy going.


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