space is sultry

A smooth transition at the airport (ah, if only Heathrow or US airports were as efficient), a long metro ride and back into the contrasts of People’s Square, Shanghai. Space-age buildings abound yet right outside the door there are people sitting in plastic chairs on the pavement,  having prepared food, or waiting to rent the well-worn scooters parked higgledy-piggledy (my fat hen!). Sitting here in the reception of the youth hostel (once a frugal lass, always one), more contrasts – connecting via wireless to write this while condensation from air conditioners above drips on the plastic roof above me. I stayed at this hostel 18 months ago and it is convenient and safe as well asextremely helpful – which is important for Jents!

Now out to get something to eat from Yunnan Road (?) which is food city, apparently.

Although I am writing this to beings not here, I do feel very here. Well…

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